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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight. >> we're going big picture and think about 15 years ago. the orioles had a great manager. they did not see eye to eye. away he went. six other managers followed. they all said they did not do well. they did not have a winning season. but showalter came a performed his magic and the orioles have returned to the playoffs. he rarely smiles at a press conference, always defers attention, makes every brilliant move seema like the most obvious thing in the world. he provides a presence that is demanding and unassuming and told his players accountable but without running the club house like a dictator. he accomplishes what so many others try.
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a line of pepos tonight against the first-team that fired him. while he insists there is nothing personal about knocking off the yankees in the bronx. he is also famous for telling us this. you do not have to be captain obvious to understand what is going on. >> no doubt about that. the reception he gets from his fans tonight. fans have made their way appear to the bronx. let's see who lowell meltzer found. >> things are going to be great here. fans have been arriving to three hours ago. as far as orioles fans, they did not show off until 4:30 but although we spoke to are very excited about this huge game. it is a place the orioles have not been in nicotine years.
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the bronx in october. >> this is -- they have not been here for 15 years. it is relatively new for the fans. a new stadium for the yankees and a new winning attitude for the nose. -- the o's. >> i am prepared and ready. we are going to represent baltimore. >> we came up here when they played the rangers and i travel with my team. >> we are big fans. so i think that will do it. >> we ran into fans who made the 190-mile trip to support baltimore. >> my wife is a yankees fan and i hate the yankees.
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we went to the stadium in baltimore last year and they were giving out shirts. that is perfect to wear to a yankee playoff game. >> you are a fan for tonight. >> if they win tonight, forever. >> a good job there. it got a field -- to feel for these fans. imagine being in these fans surrounded by yankees fans and the torment the must feel. we will hear from more of those fans tonight at 11:00 p.m., hopefully with smiles on their faces after a big win. we're live in the bronx tonight. >> as you know there is a lot of buzz on for the birds. the guy to my left keeps hitting me in the head with that title but it was well worth it. we should be waving crab legs
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instead of raleigh dalles. and time to go into territory and show them who was boss. time to win the series for baltimore. more at a former senior manager with the state highway administration to resign following accusations he solicited money from firms doing business with the state has been rehired by the department of transportation. david collins joins us live from the newsroom. he has more for us. >> auditors concluded the actions potentially violated state ethics laws. citing a lawsuit filed against them state officials will not discuss why they gave him another transportation job. mark flack, a former manager, resigned from his job in april 2011. after the office of legislative
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audit accused him of soliciting funds. as the director of the office of construction he initiated and manage construction and inspection contracts. he is a partial owner of a web business. a virginia company that promotes golf tournament for charitable causes. state auditors found seven firms that do business with the state listed as sponsors. auditors discovered five of them were procured through his office and two of the firms were rewarded a $16 million contract before the golf tournament. state auditors charging he may have attempted to expedite a warning of -- a warning of this contract and site an e-mail he wrote for staff that states in part, "we need to get this contract asap as it is long overdue. we want to get resolved." auditors also contend he redirected funds from those
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firms for on related projects to conceal over-spending on other contracts. the claim he instructed the companies on how to submit their invoices to facilitate the payments. circumventing oversight and approval. he was given a choice. be fired or resign. he chose in may of last year to resign 13 weeks prior to his retirement date. the letter -- in a letter he states he does not see the need for him to leave. the pledge to give him a neutral reference if an employer asked about his time he filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the office of legislative audit and former transportation officials. neither he nor his attorney would comment. the lawsuit contends the process involved for the one agency and no one individual has the authority to act alone. the lawsuit refutes all the claims. he never at any point solicited
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sponsors for the golf tournament. he never at any point received payment or any direct benefit as a result of any tournament. shifting funds is a common and acceptable business practice occurring at sha for the last 30 years. the maryland transportation administration hired him, he is making 500,000 as a transportation engineer. he is seeking more than $1 million in punitive damages. >> the u.s. supreme court tackle the tough issues of affirmative action in the college university. >> justices heard arguments. a woman who applied to the university said she was not admitted because she is white. we have details from washington. >> she had better grades than
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some of her classmates and was in more activities but she says there were admitted and she was not. she believes her race was held against her. friends and foes of affirmative action gathered on the steps of the supreme court. >> i think that people should be judged on their merits and not on the color of their skin. >> abigail fisher brought the issue back after suing the university of texas at austin for not admitting her. she claims discrimination because of her race. >> i hope court rules that race and ethnicity should not be applied. >> the issue -- attorney argued that race should be stampedstrid away from the applications processed. >> the president of the university argued that race is one of many factors considered
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in the admissions process. >> we believe the educational benefits and diversity are so important that they're worth fighting for all the way to the united states supreme court. he says the impact will reach beyond the campus. >> they are set -- this is a setback for our students and society. >> the justices will likely make a decision next year. >> there is much more news ahead on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a cold front coming through tonight. tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> she has made headlines as the mother of the greatest a libyan of all time but she is getting attention for herself. >> she on the job as head of the education foundation for baltimore county public schools. tim tutan has more on that. >> she is not someone needs publicity. it is all about the change. she is officially the head of the education foundation of baltimore county. she brings almost 40 years to the table. for years as an educator. she will put it to use with an organization with a mission to help raise money for children. >> were more able to give schools money to be able to exceed the regular school budget. we're honoring 16 schools
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tonight. and these are schools that have written proposals to be able to ask us for $2,000. >> is this beyond just have it to the person down the street to the grandfather, to the parent? >> absolutely. anyone who believes in public education. anyone who has the heart for children. anyone who wants to see children go to the next level. the candy private individuals or businesses or large -- they can individuals or businesses. i am a big cheerleader for children. a huge cheerleader for children. any aspect i am in. i am the cheerleader for the education foundation. this foundation can go to any great avenues and to the highest heights. it depends on who wants to be on board and be part of this
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initiative with us. >> the world watched you and your family cheering on your son. will you have that same kind of passion in this position helping thousands of children? >> you see the tears in my eyes already. i ran my schoolhouse like iran my family, with great heart. and with great care. wanting kids to do their best. you saw me cheering in the stands, that is the kind of passion i bring to the foundation. i can impact students in baltimore county. >> you almost made her cry. >> i did not mean to. >> she keeps a promise and she is very passionate about this. >> find out will be happening for the o's tonight. >> we are trying to keep track
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of baltimore and new york. a big game there this evening. a west wind blows the baseball out of the parks and that is what they will be dealing with. a westerly flow of air. things are quiet and looking good. pictures have shown blue skies and conditions. rinkles.e couple of spreckel at first pitch, showers may be working their way east so there is a slight risk of rain. that should come to most areas fairly dry. all the action is further to the north. and with moisture they have a better chance of wet weather. our forecast around 7:30 p.m. this evening, milder temperatures than they had to deal with in town. it gets warmer. 62 degrees for the first pitch.
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it will clear out and temperatures during the game fallen to the 50's. it may be most critical. that is average for the day but the morning low is much milder than average at 55. the record low is 35 that occurred at an important date. the earliest we have had measurable snow, october 10, 1979. it has occurred, we have had measurable snow three times on october 10 and that is the earliest we have had it. 0.3 of 1 inch on the first day of the world series when the orioles and the pirates were playing. they were dealing with some fairly nasty weather. westminster at 3 inches. owings mills at 2 inches in 1979.
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here is the front bringing the cooler weather in. hohigh pressure will bring sunny skies and another fast moving front out of western canada arriving here on friday. the forecast, 60 degrees to 65 degrees. cool and comfortable with lots of sun. the west wind at five to 10 miles per hour. winds out of the west averaging five to 10 knots with waves around 1 foot. they are in the 40's right now in the mountains. staying in the 40's with a 20% chance of a shower. it will be chilly out there. autumn glory weekend for the next few days. the colors are getting near their peak in garrett county. sunny to partly cloudy on the eastern shore and nice fall weather at the coast with highs in the mid-to the upper 60's. the sprinkle with another front friday afternoon. public cloudy skies for the ravens on sunday. >> this is 11 sports.
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>> the orioles had to tonight's game. hoping their 4-5 hitters to get hot. pete gilbert joins us live from yankee stadium. they need adam jones to start swinging a hot bat. >> the orioles had good pitching. need that to heat up. >> the game is over. >> nothing they accomplish comes without a surprise. to have reached the point where they have won, without getting production is amazing. everyone is going crazy about alex rodriguez and his 1-9 in the division series.
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they are combined 2 for 23 with one rbi. going back six games, combining for 1 rbi. baudomark reynolds had a big hig game. the last time the plate, he launched four home runs in three days. he can carry the game for the series. he has limited participation because of shoulder. you'll notice a conspicuous uniform adjustment for ravens players. they will do more than just
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think people, they will wear some pink for a show of support. you will not find pink in any, -- color combinations except for this month. pink wristbands, fatales, gloves. the only time they can deviate from team colors but they elected to make a team statement with everyone wearing pink shoes. >> it is for good cause. the month of october, we're showing our appreciation to all the fighters, the people who have fought that battle. some lost and some conquered it. it really does not matter. i do not care if i see a guy in pink shoes or gloves. we do it as a group as a show of support. >> orange and purple and pink or the official colors. tom tasselmyer is back for the seven-day forecast street had.
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>> coding is not the next important decision. several religious leaders are backing the dream act. we will have complete coverage of the game between the orioles and yankees. th
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>> it will be a beautiful night to beat the yankees. >> the west wind should help the
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ballcarrier out to the outfield. maybe the wind will die down when they yankees are back and pick up when the orioles are a bat. a beautiful fall the at 62. another front slides through with a sprinkle in the afternoon or evening. that brings in beautiful weekend weather. beautiful and saturday. 63 for the high. temperatures are good for running in the 50's. 70 degrees. nice weather for football. bashar chance returns on monday of next week. -- of the shower chance returns on monday of next week. we will have a weather phenomenon. >> the game is at 7:37 p.m.
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>> highlights and reaction for you at 11:00 p.m. you at 11:00 p.m. [captioning made possi
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.


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